Fayvel’s notebook: From China’s Ganglands to the Warsaw Ghetto

| May 19, 2014


Fayvel's notebook: From China's Ganglands to the Warsaw Ghetto and Beyond

Fayvel S., born to a Jewish family in Poland, grows up to become an unscrupulous and ruthless drugs boss and gunrunner. By 1939, he has made his fortune, and he has set up in China. His empire stretches from Shanghai to Europe and his reputation is legendary.

But as the war in Europe escalates, Fayvel becomes increasingly worried about the safety of his people. In 1941, he can no longer ignore the news of the treatment of the Jews in Poland and the construction of the Warsaw ghetto, and he knows he must return to rescue his family

Accompanied by his two bodyguards, a gay, ex-boxer and a beautiful, but deadly Chinese woman, Fayvel throws himself and his companions into the jaws of the tiger, and embarks on a fearless rescue mission. Their bid for freedom lands them in increasingly perilous situations as they make a hair-raising flight across Europe.

A nail-biting adventure with all the ingredients: an anti-hero, a beautiful heroine, love, death, and war—romance, rivalry and chutzpah at the highest level.

Fans of Tarantino and of Sergio Leone’s iconic film Once Upon a Time in America, will love this novel.


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