The Claiming: A Paranormal Dark Academy Enemies to Lovers Reverse Harem Romance (Ravenswood Academy of Magical Arts Book 1)

I never knew surviving college would be this hard! I applied to a university hoping my little brother and I could have better lives and escape our abusive mother. Yet somehow I ended up in a graveyard, surrounded by four scary strangers who also happened to be the hottest men I’d ever seen. They quickly revealed who they were: wealthy, power-hungry members of a secret coven, and I was just a trailer park witch at their mercy. They have no mercy. They think I’m the witch prophesied to destroy them, and want to sacrifice me to the evil spirits of their ancestors. But the spirits of my ancestors say they will only keep my brother and me safe if I stay in school. That’s hard to do when I’m bullied and threatened with murder every time I turn around. And even harder when those four make me the target of all their dark desires. The Claiming is a slow-to-medium burn, enemies-to-lovers romance with a strong heroine who doesn’t have to choose among her four love interests. The men in the series also love one another. Also note, this book is the first in a series and ends with unresolved conflicts and mysteries. Triggers: The story contains dark themes that may be triggering for some and is recommended for mature readers. Please view the Trigger Warning at the beginning of the book.

Meet K.C. Dixon

K.C. Dixon is the steamy alter-ego of urban fantasy writer, Keri Armstrong. This is where she lets loose all the angst, anti-heroes, and steamy good times where the heroine may not have to choose among love interests.