Legionnaire (Exiles of Arcadia)

| May 20, 2014


Legionnaire (Exiles of Arcadia)

Primus has pledged to live and die beside his brothers. But is he ruthless enough to earn their respect?

Praise for Legionnaire:

“Stands out among the others like a beacon on a dark winter night.” –Cindy Callens, Draumr Kopa Blog

“I’m hooked, waiting for the next installment!” –David H. Birley, Amazon Vine Voice

“This book is a thoroughly enjoyable read.” – Eileen Granfors, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer

Primus is the only son of the legendary general Marcus Seneca. In the wake of a civil war, he has grown to the cusp of manhood far from home, exiled along with his father’s army to the heart of the Boreal forest. Tested as much by his brutal comrades as the savage cold, he burns to prove himself a soldier worthy of his father’s name. But when a dangerous mission throws him into the center of the general’s schemes, Primus is confronted with the ugly truth behind his father’s towering reputation. With enemies closing in and treachery weakening the ranks around him, Primus must decide what he is willing to sacrifice in order to survive.


‘Exiles of Arcadia’ is Rome re-imagined. Blending elements of history and fantasy, the series overall depicts the civil wars that ultimately destroyed the Republic. Each short novel examines the personal life of an important figure in the conflict, creating an intimate character portrait while building the overall story. Each ‘Exiles’ novel can be read independently without spoiling the others.

‘Legionnaire’ is the literary debut of author James Gawley, a PhD candidate in Classics at the University at Buffalo.

“Pray all you like. You cannot command the gods.”


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