Protecting Her

I can’t get officer Daisy Mary out of my head! She’s everything I have wanted for so long! She’s hot, smart, ambitious, kind and clever. When she’s not running through my mind, she’s running the streets after bad guys. When Amanda moves from outback Australia to the big city to start her professional life after college she is dropped into a world unlike any she has ever known. The city is her chance at a better life. When her neighbor goes missing though it derails all her plans and sets her on a course straight into Officer Mary’s arms. Will she share the information she has been too scared to tell anyone with the sexy woman of the law? Will she be able to navigate this new relationship with a woman she finds equally challenging and attractive? Will this be the making of her as a newly minted city girl or will she need to retreat back to the outback to lick her wounds in this fast-paced romance novella? Protecting Her is a safe, HEA romance novella by Australian debut author Alice Mills who shares stories about queer woman and how we love.

Meet Alice Mills

Alice Mills is an Australian sapphic author who writes love stories for her community. When not filling the world with happiness and love she’s recharging by the sea side where she runs with her dog in the soft white sand.