Sweet Pete and the magical cookie jar

| May 22, 2014


Children's Books: Sweet Pete and the magical cookie jar - Free Audio book inside! (Illustrated children's picture book series for beginning readers). (Children's ... books collection for beginning readers.)

Does your child eat too many sweets and you find it hard to change?

Such is the problem of our hero, Sweet Pete, a happy little bunny who only likes to eat sweets. Lots and lots of sweets. But one day something magical and very strange happens and Pete realizes that sweets are not so sweet after all!

Children’s book: “Sweet Pete and the magical cookie jar” (Fully illustrated children’s book for beginner readers about a rabbit who ate too much sugar and learned a lesson).

***A best seller in the categories of Bedtime and Dreaming and Beginner readers Books***

“Books like this are pretty darn useful for helping the little ones realize that eating only sweets is not a good  idea, and the younger they are when we start talking to them about it, the better. This is a nicely done kid’s book with lovely illustrations and a good message. Pick it up.” 5 star  review  By Oleg Medvedkov ( top 500 reviewer).

“It’s a good lesson for kids to learn early in life. With soaring rates of childhood obesity and juvenile diabetes, kids need to be aware of the consequences of a diet loaded with sugar, and stories like “Sweet Pete and the Magical Cookie Jar” may help to deliver that message in a way that kids can understand.” By 5 star review by J. Chambers (hall of fame reviewer, top 10 reviewer).

This entertaining book for preschool age and beginning  readers illustrates the problem of over-indulging in sweets and offers the alternatives of healthy eating and delayed gratification in a way that young children can understand and internalize.

Maria Alony’s goal is to create high-quality, illustrated children’s books that are not only fun and entertaining, but also contain an educational message and important values. As a mom herself, Maria reads picture books every night so that bedtime stories become part of her child’s routine. She believes that reading children’s books every day is essential for developing language, fostering imagination, and promoting self-expression. When it comes to children, Maria knows that books are crucial.

“Sweet Pete and the magical cookie jar” is a fun and entertaining bedtime story for children and parents alike.

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This fully-illustrated picture book is a great read aloud for 4-8 year old children and is also highly recommended as a self-read book for beginning readers.


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