How to Fix the Smile of a Crocodile

This children’s book blends captivating storytelling, cool sea creatures (and facts about them woven into the story!), a surprising & heartwarming twist, lessons in empathy and friendship, all adorned with stunning illustrations.

Dive into the depths of the ocean and meet Barry, the Australian saltwater crocodile who’s in desperate need of HELP!

With a toothache so terrible it won’t go away, Barry sets out on a journey to find the most INCREDIBLE sea creatures in the ocean to ask for help!

Along the way, he meets:

*An octopus – with 8 helpful arms

*A sperm whale– the loudest creature on earth

*A sailfish– the fastest fish in the ocean

*A blue whale– the biggest creature on earth

*A great white shark–the fiercest in the ocean

*An orca –known for their extreme intelligence

Who will help Barry with his sore tooth?

Through this heart-warming and inspirational children’s picture book, your child will learn amazing things about sea creatures (and you will too!) and discover that sometimes you don’t need to travel too far to discover the value of kindness and friendship.

Featuring beautiful illustrations, lovable characters, and an awe-inspiring warm twist in the end, this book promises to DELIGHT your child!

Perfect for children between the ages of 3-8, this book is a must-have in any collection.

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Meet Rebecca Kurien

Rebecca Kurien is an Indian-Australian writer, lawyer, musician and perhaps most importantly, a mother of two. She has lived between Oman and India in her childhood, before moving to New Zealand and then Australia.

Her debut book, ‘How to Fix the Smile of a Crocodile’ was inspired by her son’s fascination with the ocean and its wondrous creatures. She wanted to create a book for her children that was based on science and fact, while still leaning on the charm and magic of storytelling.

It is her dream to fill children’s lives with the richness and amazement of the world that we live in, by showing them that the journey to learning is never complete.