Miss Bunny cant HOP: A Funny Interactive Read Aloud Early Learning Picture Book For Toddlers and Kids

Get ready to MOVE as you help Mr. Blobby, the famous detective, find the BEST HOPPER in town. Miss Bunny is sad because she can’t hop. Hopping comes easily to all the rabbits – except for Miss Bunny. So she needs a teacher. Not just any teacher – but the best hopper you can find. And who did she call for help? Of course, Mr.Blobby! And whose help does Mr.Blobby need? **YOURS!** So team up with Mr. Blobby and visit the friends and neighbors of Miss Rabbit. Slither, Stomp, Crawl and Fly your way to finding the BEST HOPPING TEACHER for Miss Bunny in this funny, interactive, read-aloud, early Learning Picture Book – a perfect gift for the fans of the Brown Bear and Friends series by Eric Carle and Bill Martin Jr. Order your copy now and share the laughter and Early Learning Fun with the little ones!

Meet Missy Brooks