The Big Room

As a mother and a teacher, Pearl Brickman was quite aware of children’s fears. Written for early readers ages 5-9. The Big Room is the true story of her grandson’s dread of a coat drawing and an example of how to desensitize children using gradual exposure to specific worries.

Meet Pearl Brickman

Living long has many rewards and many losses. I have lived 95 years so far. Born in 1928, I’ve lived through the Great Depression, World War II, the explosion of the A-bomb, and the better years following that time. I became an elementary school teacher, a mother, a grandmother, and an architect. I was happily married for 59 years to a wonderful man. I now live with my youngest child, my daughter. Most days are spent reading up on current events, remaining active in my community, maintaining my diligence in the political landscape, learning, playing piano, taking walks, and hanging out with our cute cat.