An Ancient Yuletide Saga: Christmas Folklore Fantasy in Rhyme

The origins of Santa Claus. Or Father Christmas, if you prefer. Before becoming famous, he was simply Nikolaus, or Nick. When did it start? Where did he really live? What made him decide to embark on the dangerous pursuit of flying through midwinter’s night each year? Just to deliver presents. Why was that so important? How does he know where we all live? How does he distinguish between who’s been naughty and who’s been nice? What did he do for a living before becoming Santa Claus? How did he recruit his reindeer? And his elves? How did he teach his reindeer to fly? Where did he find the money and the means to be so generous? And most of all, what was it like for him to actually fly on his sleigh for the first time? Loaded with thousands of gifts and presents. How did he have the nerve and the bravery? How did he know it wouldn’t end in disaster? What role does magic play in his yearly trips? What did he learn from the earlier exploits of Odin? The Nordic god who led a hunting party in the night sky at this time of year. And who rode on his eight-legged horse called Sleipnir. Is this why Santa has eight reindeer? And what about Thor, the god of thunder and lightning? He rode a chariot through the darkness, pulled by two goats, to celebrate the longest of nights. And where does the Ice Maiden fit into all this? Skating on a frozen lake at midnight. In mid-winter. And why was it so vital that Nick obtain the mysterious Ice Crystal? Could this be anything to do with Nick’s reindeer actually flying? What does this all mean? In this saga you’ll learn the answers to these questions. And more. Feel the hopes and aspirations, the fears, the setbacks, the struggles, the tragedies and the triumphs, that weave together to make Nick’s story unique. Not forgetting the sheer hard work and determination. The will to succeed at all costs. Never told before in such fine detail. And in rhyming prose. Here is what you’ve been looking for. The oldest Father Christmas story brought to life. All the secrets. Nearly 17,000 words and 2,056 lines of rhyming prose. I won’t call it poetry. You’ll be the judge of that. Press the ‘Look inside’ button, and see what a treat is in store. You’ll never look on Christmas, or Yuletide if you prefer, the same way again.

Meet Philip Gegan

I practised as a lawyer here in the UK for many years. Practised and practised until I got it right LOL. I’m not a team player so I ran my own show for most of the time. An arson attack and a doctor’s warning about stress put paid to it in the end. Fortunately the internet was just taking off so I was able to migrate to writing with a little financial help from assembling and repairing PCs on the side. Interests? You really want to know about my interests? How much time have you got? Okay here’s just a few – archeology, natural health, history (medieval and modern mainly), karate (wait a minute – I haven’t done that for over 30 years), reading and writing (I told you I wasn’t a team player), computers and technology (that’s waning a bit now), classic films and classical music. Then there’s the really weird stuff like divining and healing, and conspiracy theory, but I won’t go into that. What? Oh, yes, where do I live and all that. Born in Kent, I’m a Kentish Man, I believe, that is, born to the west of the Medway. Now I live in the middle of old England with Ruth, my wife, and our last remaining chicken and a budgie. Two grown up children (been married twice) – a daughter (married and living in London), and a son, married and living next door.