Tirsa Duggan’s life had always been a tightly woven tapestry of ambition and escape, threads of her past neatly concealed beneath the facade of her successful career. A career born out of necessity, forged in the crucible of tragedy that marred her childhood on a quiet farm in Ohio. It was a place that should have been idyllic, but became a nightmare when her father’s hands became stained with the blood of her brother and mother, leaving another brother in a perpetual coma. This harrowing incident marked a traumatic turning point in Tirsa’s life, one that she had desperately tried to forget.

But life has a way of catching up with the past. Tirsa’s tightly held emotions come unraveled when she crosses paths with one of her students, a young man who, like her, has endured his own share of unspeakable trauma. The connection is instant, an empathetic bond that transcends the barriers she had built around her heart. In the midst of this connection, Tirsa is driven to an impetuous decision, one that catapults her into a twisted and treacherous web of circumstances she couldn’t have anticipated.

As the shadows of her impulsive act close in around her, Tirsa finds herself entangled in a world of danger that threatens to destroy everything she’s worked so hard to build. Her career teeters on the brink of ruin, her soul bears fresh scars, and her life is in peril. The past she had buried deep within her psyche has returned with a menacing vengeance, and the evil that stole her family from her now stalks her, lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to strike.

“Menace” is a riveting tale of redemption, revenge, and resilience. Will Tirsa have the strength to unearth the hidden evil that haunts her and discover the truth about her family’s tragedy? Can she confront her past and the menace that lurks in the shadows, or will it consume her before she can find the answers she so desperately seeks?

Join Tirsa on a heart-pounding journey as she races against time to confront her demons and uncover the chilling secrets that threaten to devour her life. In this electrifying thriller, every page turns up the heat, making you question who the true menace really is.