Loving Her

Officer Lucy is panty-melting hot, but I can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right. Can I really trust her?

When Sarah follows her best friend to live in the big city away from the small outback down they had both called home their entire lives, Sarah quickly learns about the perils of city living. Her first night she witnesses a police drug operation that will change the course of her life forever.

Officer Lucy attends her colleague Officer Daisy’s (of Protecting Her fame) house party to find herself face-to-face with the gorgeous femme witness of a crime she has been investigating for months. The only problem is she doesn’t want Sarah involved. Her protective instincts are strong with this captivating fresh faced country girl and she doesn’t quite understand why.

Will Officer Lucy be able to navigate courting Sarah without letting on that she knows – and should probably do something about – Sarah’s status as witness to crime? Will Sarah as a freshly out lesbian be able to trust the woman who she senses is hiding things from her?

Loving Her is a safe, HEA romance novella that can be read as a standalone or as the second part in the Her series by Australian author Alice Mills who shares authentic stories about queer woman and how we love.

Meet Alice Mills

Alice Mills is an Australian sapphic author who writes love stories for her community. When not filling the world with happiness and love she’s recharging by the sea side where she runs with her dog in the soft white sand.