A Monarch in Winter: Biography of a Butterfly

Butterflies symbolize the fleeting beauty of life, transitions, and memories.

Dr. Abbey Pachter is a nurse, a grandmother, and a savior of one very special butterfly, named Spot. She watches him eclose, develop, and explore her living room, and each new phase of Spot’s life broadens her own viewpoint of survival during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In self-isolation from the dangers of a spreading illness, Abbey learns about the inner workings of a butterfly–what they eat, how they communicate, and what seems to bring them joy. This observation of life allows her to reflect on trends in evolution, medicine, and history. The echoes become apparent from her own life as a mother, a midwife, and a member of a broken society.

In A Monarch in Winter: Biography of a Butterfly, discover

The evolutionary similarities between insects and humans
Ripple effects in nature and evolution
Parallels in life as we cope with the global pandemic
The preciousness of every moment
True connection and intimacy among living creatures
Over the span of a few months, Abbey finds a new routine, a new purpose, and a new friend through caring for the special addition to her home. Read this fascinating narrative and witness the butterfly effect on one woman’s life.