Androids, Dragons, and Trout: Fantasy and light science fiction short stories

Something different from Arabella Brown! Instead of a Regency, she presents a potpourri of light tales of fantasy and science fiction. Quirky with a touch of humor, this upbeat collection offers a friendly dose of escapism. Cheaper than a therapist, too… “So incredibly entertaining, I had to keep going. It was so good!”

Meet Arabella Brown

Arabella Brown is a pen name of Henye Meyer. Mrs. Meyer has published a number of books for a specific niche market, so to differentiate, she uses Arabella Brown for Regencies and other types of fiction such as SF and genre stories. All of her writing is absolutely clean. She loves writing historical fiction but occasionally has dreams too interesting to resist turning into stories. Mrs. Meyer was born in North America but now lives in the U.K. in a Victorian semi-detached bungalow, an unusual configuration. It has a larger garden (mostly vertical) than you expect to find in the city, which she keeps as nature-friendly as possible, attracting a wide variety of birds as well as foxes (of course), newts, hedgehogs, and deer. Mrs. Meyer has an exceptionally tolerant husband, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and a lively sense of humor.