REVIVING YOUR INNER CHILD: A Workbook to Recover from Childhood Trauma, Develop Your Emotional Intelligence (EI), Heal From the Past, and Become Your Best Self

Unlock the secrets to emotional freedom and a brighter future by healing your inner child. Do you ever feel depressed, anxious, or fearful? Do you sometimes have emotions that are disproportionate to the situation? Do you feel overwhelmed and unable to make a decision or think clearly? Do you people please and say ‘yes’ to things that you really want to say ‘no’ to? Have you been diagnosed with a condition such as ADHD, Bipolar, Borderline Personality Disorder, or any number of immune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, or Crohn’s disease? Have you suffered from childhood trauma? If so, know that none of these things are your fault. Your behaviors, actions, and mental and physical health as an adult are a result of the trauma you experienced as a child. Reviving Your Inner Child draws upon the work of experts to help contact, communicate with, and heal your inner child so that you can recover from childhood trauma, develop your emotional intelligence, heal from the past, and move on with your life, becoming the best version of you! In Reviving Your Inner Child, you will: Learn about childhood trauma and the very real proven evidence that shows it can impact the physical and mental health of adults. Learn a 4-stage recovery process to heal from childhood trauma. Learn how to practice mindfulness and breathing exercises. Learn the benefits of journaling. Be given a wide range of exercises and activities to help your inner child recover from trauma. Get in touch with your inner child and resolve their issues by making them feel loved, valued, heard, and supported. Learn how to regulate your emotions so that you’re in control and no longer have outbursts or feel triggered by things. Learn to become your authentic self, be brave and strong. You will also learn more about self-compassion and learn a 2-step process to build your self-esteem. The techniques in the book are very practical and proven to help you Improve your relationships and your decision-making ability Express emotions and lead a happy life Set goals, reduce procrastination, and achieve success. Reviving Your Inner Child holds a wealth of information, presented in an accessible way, with supporting practical exercises that move you to action to help you overcome your past and live a better future. Are you ready to start your journey today? Take the first step towards becoming the best version of yourself—get your copy of Reviving Your Inner Child today and begin your path to emotional freedom and resilience. Let this book be your guide to understanding, healing, and transforming your life.

Meet Ryan Telmor

At College, Ryan first studied and gained a qualification in Psychology, which remained a solid academic interest through to the post-graduate level. In the past, Ryan has experience working with individuals with a wide range of complex needs, including ADHD (also Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Anxiety, OCD, eating disorders, depression, and hearing and visual impairments). Working with the individual, their family, and other experts like social workers, previous educators, and, at times, probation officers, he assessed the individual’s needs and put practical support in place to enable them to achieve their full potential. With a lifelong interest in researching, writing, speaking about, and studying neurodivergence, Ryan’s books have strength in being very practical workbooks, with step-by-step guidance and exercises that move people to action, with proven techniques to help. They are easy to read, and the activities can be effortlessly implemented into daily life, giving dramatic improvements.