My First ABC 123 Book : With Tips to Enhance Your Child’s Learning in Early Literacy and Numeracy Skills (Toddlers: Ages 1-4) (My First Drawing Activity Book for Kids)

Introduce your toddler to the exciting world of letters and numbers with “My First ABC 123 Book.” This vibrant and interactive book is specially crafted for children aged 1-4, offering a delightful journey through the alphabet and basic numeracy skills. Packed with colorful illustrations, this book not only teaches the ABCs but also provides valuable tips to enhance your child’s learning in early literacy and numeracy. Use this book as an opportunity to engage with your child in meaningful conversations about letters and numbers. This engaging resource includes: Introduction to 26 Uppercase Letters 38 Everyday Vocabulary Words Counting Numbers 1-10 Parent Guide: Discover how to effectively use this book to build early literacy and numeracy skills in your child. This Kindle edition serves as the digital companion to the print edition, a vibrant color scribble book. Who would love this book: Parents of toddlers Caregivers Early educators Daycares Great for travel

Meet Amanda Finn

Amanda Finn is a dedicated elementary teacher with a decade of experience in shaping young minds. Combining her passion for education with her creativity, she has authored two delightful children’s books. As a devoted stay-at-home mom, she understands the importance of early learning and emotional development in children. Her first book, “My First Big Feelings Drawing Activity”, engages young readers in exploring their emotions through art, fostering both creativity and emotional intelligence. In her second book, “My First ABC 123 Scribble and Color”, she provides a playful and interactive way for children to learn the fundamentals of letters and numbers. With a deep understanding of childhood development and a warm, encouraging style, Amanda Finn creates books that inspire young learners and bring joy to both parents and children alike.