The Message: …call me! (Footsteps Book 2)

He tossed a bottle into the ocean. She found a message she couldn’t resist. Did destiny bring them together across the divide? Rawly Scott dreams of being an astronaut. But it’s the nine-year-old’s message launched off a Massachusetts beach that truly kick starts his journey. And when he gets a reply one year later from a cool European girl, he stops thinking of rockets and starts planning out a trip to France. All Leigh Dobrev wants is to make delicious chocolate. But when Rawly’s bottle washes up in her picturesque fishing village, she starts to see a world beyond her dreams. And after they finally meet several years later, she makes him promise to keep their friendship alive. As years pass and adulthood approaches, Leigh turns her attention to helping a local orphan. But when her acts of kindness backfire, she hopes her own message will reach Rawly in time. Will their relationship end in tragedy or is no distance too far for a shot at love? The Message: … Call Me! is a romantic thriller. If you like spunky heroines, love-against-all-odds, and the triumph of the human spirit, you’ll adore Mary Jane Forbes’ enthralling tale. Buy The Message: … Call Me! to find destiny in a bottle today!

Meet Mary Jane Forbes

MARY JANE FORBES in Who’s Who in America Mary Jane has penned over 30 novels, COZY, ROMANCE, MYSTERY and SUSPENSE genres. As an author, Mary Jane’s goal is to entertain, to transport the reader away from the stress of the day—at times to shed a tear, to add a chuckle, and always to set your heart racing. Fodder for her books comes from news stories—cybercrime to tiny houses, the stock market to bitcoins, cookie baking contests to terrorists. But, digging deeper, Mary Jane’s stories are about relationships, and family. Visit Mary Jane on