Heart, Guts & Steel: The Making of an Indian Surgeon

Dr.Sivasubramanian has crafted a breakthrough story about the making of a surgeon. A must-read for anyone curious about what goes into the creation of those mysterious, masked figures who battle illness and save lives. Who should read it? Not just doctors. All kinds of readers have enjoyed this lovely book. ‘Heart, Guts & Steel’ is also for medical students, interns, postgraduate trainees, young surgeons… and even high school kids who dream of becoming a surgeon. It’s an ideal gift for anyone who is curious to learn about what goes into training a surgeon, and enjoys reading about exciting, humorous and touching incidents in the life of a surgery resident in training. What readers are saying: “A bird’s eye view of what it takes to become a surgeon. It has all the elements of a best seller. And perhaps it should be made into a movie — I’d go to see it.” – Rosalyn Bronstein “Wow! I honestly was just planning on skimming it, but as soon as I read the first line in that ‘Moments of Truth’ section I was hooked! Such a great scene.” – Derek Sivers “This book is fascinating whether you’re a student or a professional.” – Julianne Adams “What a magical experience! Though I am not a Doctor I enjoyed every bit of this book.” – Priyaa Somasundaram “The writing is honest, heartwarming, gripping, thrilling and fast paced. Highly recommended for anyone who wishes to take a peek into the making of a Surgeon.” – Dr.Neharika Neeraj Kalra “It’s a true story of a medical student’s journey from novice to surgeon with humour and humility, through a diversity of working events threaded within. Read it. You will not regret it, apart from regretting that there will be the last page!” – AnneMarie Callan “First time since years, I read a book cover to cover at a single stretch. Take it from me, this will never disappoint you.” – Dr.Avinash Aravind “Your book is so nicely written, thoroughly enjoyed it… Was awestruck drew a lot of inspiration from your journey. I have recommended the book to most of my friends.” – Dr.Adi Kishore “Awesome book. Every aspiring surgeon like me must read it.” – Dr.T.Vigneshwaran If you’re curious to know what it takes to train a surgeon, pick up ‘Heart, Guts & Steel’ today. Also available in paperback from Amazon.com .

Meet Dr Sivasubramanian

Dr.Sivasubramanian is a pediatric heart surgeon and accomplished writer. His book royalties go towards sponsoring treatment for children from under-privileged families. He enjoys travel, reading and visiting museums to explore history.