Tinky and the Dragon (Tinky’s Adventures)

| May 27, 2014


Tinky and the Dragon (Tinky's Adventures)

Fantasy Adventure Picture Book: Little Dog Rescues Dragon

In this third volume of the Tinky’s Adventure series, Tinky, a small Shih-Tzu is literally sucked into a fantasy adventure in a faraway land.

A big truck, a suitcase, a snow globe, a castle, and a big, green dragon princess move this charming fantasy full circle with surprises.

Sweet loveable characters, fun language, silly situations, plus enchanting illustrations engage your child to use their imagination and have a giggle or two.

Tinky and the Dragon is a picture book that your young child will cherish and want to read over and over again. And you will be happy to join them.

Other volumes in Tinky’s Adventures include: Tinky’s Magic Cookies and Tinky and the Baby Butterflies.


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