Counter Strike: The Empire Responds – Military Sci Fi and Space Opera Thriller (Galactic Rebels Book 2)

Arrogant warlords just killed one of his crew and destroyed his ship.

He unleashes a torrent of human fed anger the likes of which they have never seen before.

And, what is this Prophecy thing about humans, anyway. . . and why does he have to be involved?

An addictive, heart-stopping, military science fiction and space opera thriller you just can’t put down, so, warn your family and friends you’ll be in another universe for a while…

Grab your copy right now, put on your battle armor and web into your ship-couch as you join Captain Derek Hamilton and his warrior crew on the wild ride of a lifetime, culminating in the exciting conclusion for story #2 and the perfect next step for this series – Galactic Rebels.

Meet J.T. Skye

If you like fast-action, space battles and troubled heroes, then click the ‘Follow’ link to receive new release emails from Amazon and sign up at for free stories. I’ve written 17 novels and 3 shorts in 4 series. I created the Trigellian Universe as the central playground of all of my Sci Fi Space Opera, Science Fiction Action-Adventure and Military Sci-Fi series stories. I love to write stories of heroic quests, ancient prophecies and mythical journeys along roads less traveled. They include grand, military space battles, secret alliances, desperate treachery, vengeance and retribution against the arrogance, elitism and glory hunting found at the highest levels of society. From pirates, slavers, saboteurs and assassins… to elite Warriors, trader families, cargo haulers and the many desperate refugees just trying to escape conscription, buy air to breathe and just live. . . one more day. If you love Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Action Adventure, join me on the journey of a life time.