Kids Activity Book on Money and Finance

A book about counting money & money activities for kids ages 6-8. Engage, educate and empower your child by unlocking the secrets of money: this engaging and educational activity book provides a fun yet informative introduction to money matters. It comes as a single comprehensive volume: to begin their amazing journey into the world of finance, kids only have to open the book to the first page & start. As they progress through the practice pages, the complexity slightly increases to keep their excitement kindled. Answer key included! Empower your kids with financial knowhow. Boost their money IQ through this activity book that utilizes fun, practical money lessons to provide interactive money education to kids.

Meet Rishi Vamdatt

Multi-award winning author of 4 books, Rishi Vamdatt is a 14 year old who is deeply passionate about spreading financial literacy. He started his financial literacy venture Easy Peasy Finance really young when he was only 8. Since he was 6, Rishi has been investing all his allowances, chore money and cash gifts in the stock market to build his retirement fund. He has won multiple prestigious international awards, has been featured on CBS News New York and in Kiplinger magazine, and has appeared as a guest on radio shows, corporate panels and podcasts.