Vampire Avengers

| May 28, 2014


Vampire Avengers

“She could feel her hunger creeping up, insidious. She had to feed again and soon or she would lose control. It was really the absolute closest you could be to another being, drinking in their very life force. ”

For Joanne, being a vampire didn’t start out glamorous. It wasn’t romantic, or hip, or even tragically beautiful. It was brutal. It was a constant moral struggle. She was able to feel compassion … but never again love.

Or will she?

Before she was turned, Joanne had lived a simple life. Now she justifies her hunger by choosing only the right prey. She takes great pains to separate the generous from the greedy, the righteous from the damned.

Until she meets the human David…whose mission is to wipe out all of her kind. Narrowly escaping death…she saves her would-be killer from a monstrous revenge by one of the undead.

Vampire Avenger David and Joanne must now team up to stop an unspeakable evil from inflicting mass carnage on humans. But will Joanne be able to overcome her vampire nature as her and David move past partners into dangerous and uncharted territory?

Vampire Avengers is a 21000 word tale. This is the first installment in the Vampire Avengers series.


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