Coquina Hard

| May 28, 2014


Coquina Hard

We were all taught that thirteen colonies united against the British in the American Revolution– nothing is ever mentioned of the fourteenth colony, the one that went loyalist, fought against the Revolution, and paid a devastating price: Florida.

The novel opens amidst the true story of the British military crushing the rebellion of thousands of Catholics who’d been tricked into slavery by a British aristocrat, sailed away to Florida, and forced to build a new town (New Smyrna, which exists to this day).

The novel follows the story of one of these enslaved people, orphan Toria Brighton, who escapes, has the chance of returning home, but instead chooses to return to lead survivors to freedom in St. Augustine (the daring escape is true and well documented) while the American Revolution explodes around her. Action/adventure/romance, based on a true story.

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