The Blackout

| May 28, 2014


The Blackout

5 star reviews…
“Unlike other “doomsday” books in SciFi tradition, this story is believable with characters who act like real people.” – River Reader, Reviewer 

“Stephanie Erikson’s debut novel is a delight.” Laci, Reviewer


The world is thrust into darkness and silence, but no one knows why.

Molly is an English professor at a local liberal arts college when the world suddenly goes dark. Her husband, Gary, is a corporate pilot on the other side of the country. Grounded by what appears to be a catastrophic power outage, he has no way to communicate with his wife, let alone get home to her.

Not knowing whether her husband is alive or dead, Molly struggles to adapt to her new environment: without power, running water, transportation, a stable food supply, or any long-distance means of communication. Without knowing the cause of the outage, Gary must decide whether to wait for things to go back to normal, or to make the long and dangerous journey home on foot. Both must learn to survive after the Blackout.

If you liked Alas, Babylon you’ll love The Blackout!

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