Accidental Bride and Groom

| May 29, 2014


Accidental Bride and Groom (Rancher's Bend Bride and Groom Series)


Rancher’s Bend Bride and Groom Series Book One

Contemporary Romance

56,341 words

Welcome to Rancher’s Bend, Texas, a small town about an hour from San Antonio. Here the weather is hot and the cowboys and ranchers are even hotter! Something must be in the water, because a rash of weddings is about to hit the good folks of Rancher’s Bend!

Emma hasn’t had the easiest life. An abusive and alcoholic father taught Emma to guard her heart. She doesn’t do relationships. She doesn’t believe in commitment. And she doesn’t give her trust easily. One of the very few people to earn her trust and friendship is Lynn James.

Now Emma’s best friend is getting married in two weeks. Emma returns to the James family ranch to assist with last minute wedding details. The first sign that things might not go as planned occurs when the bride meets Emma at the airport. The bride and groom are going to Mexico City as part of an earthquake search and rescue mission. That leaves Emma, and Lynn’s older brother to handle any wedding issues.

Well-laid plans quickly deteriorate. Lynn and Bruce are incommunicado. Emma and Landon are forced to spend more and more time together as they try to salvage Lynn’s wedding plans. Now thanks to fate and a series of small disasters, the wedding is becoming custom made for Emma and Landon.

The chemistry between Emma and Landon is explosive, and they fight the rising attraction. Both have avoided serious relationships for very different reasons. That’s about to change. The more time they spend together, the closer they become. Will they be able to overcome their insecurities and lack of trust? Do they love each other enough to become the accidental bride and groom?


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