Will: An Action & Adventure Romance Novel (Sacrifice)

| May 31, 2014


Will: An Action & Adventure Romance Novel (Sacrifice)

Maddix Ripley is a natural born killer. Or at least that’s how she sees it. Her Elioud heritage caused her to be born with extremely heightened senses and after years of training, her skills are undeniable. After spending years on the street as a vigilante, of sorts, she has compiled a list of the most ruthless souls she has come across and she’s hell bent a determined to take them all out. Personally. But the terrible events in her past leave her emotionally scarred and hesitant to trust anyone. Living at the compound and working with the members of The Order, Maddix quickly becomes attached to all of them, which is something she never allows herself to do.

Angelo Deluca wasn’t something Maddix was looking for but he just might be something she needs. She never believed that she was made to be someone’s other half but Angelo has her wishing she was. They’re both broken and jaded which leaves Maddix questioning their love as well as her sanity. But when one of her vigilante stunts goes horribly wrong and she’s forced to call him for help she left with a choice. Does she stay with the people she loves and risk their lives? Or does she leave, leaving her heart behind as well.

“One’s mental fortitude, one’s mettle, aligned with one’s will is the most formidable human attribute. No man, machine, nor divine intervention can supersede. The will to persevere, no matter the odds, ignites the soul like a beacon. Illuminating the obstacles on their path and turning them to dust in its wake.”


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