The Perfectly Executed Startup: Building Successful Startups

| June 2, 2014


The Perfectly Executed Startup: Building Successful Startups

Have you failed at starting a business or failed trying?

With this book you’ll learn how to validate, execute and start a profitable business without wasting a lot of time and money.

Whether you have too many ideas, or no ideas yet, this book is designed to teach you how to validate your business ideas (see if people pay for your product) and how to generate sustainable revenues as fast as possible.

It will teach you the following 10 things:

1. How to better understand decision making of potential customers.

2. How to validate your idea & generate revenues without having your product yet.

3. How to better understand the psychology behind marketing & sales.

4. How to market your ideas and products to build trust and maximize sales.

5. How to best acquire potential customers online & offline.

6. How to test & find the most efficient marketing channels for your startup.

7. How to use content creation as a key lead generator for your business.

8. How to communicate and interact with your prospects to build trust.

9. How to exponentially grow your business organically.

10. How to better understand investors and raise money.


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