The Cestus Contract: Weir Codex Book 2

| June 2, 2014


The Cestus Contract: Weir Codex Book 2

Malcolm Weir returns in the thrilling, high-octane sequel to the Amazon #1 Best Selling Science Fiction and Cyberpunk Title, The Cestus Concern.

Following his escape from Project Hardwired, Weir arrives in Manhattan to track down one of the men responsible for stealing his life and turning him into the cyborg killer known as Cestus. Unbeknownst to him, the government isn’t quite ready to let him unravel their plans and are ready to do whatever it takes to stop him.

Fans of films like “Bourne Identity” or “Smoking Aces,” or the comics of Deadpool and Wolverine, will love the over-the-top science fiction action of “The Cestus Concern” by Mat Nastos.


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