From The Pews: Powerful Reflections from Key Scriptures to Grow Your Faith

Do you want to understand how Bible passages relate to everyday situations? Then read this book. Meris Haughton shares her reflections of a selection of Bible passages, using engaging stories from her own experiences. She is a Christian who is committed to sharing the Gospel as a layperson from the pews. She writes using interesting tidbits from everyday situations in a lighthearted manner to engage the reader. Like many Christians who have questions about how the Bible is relevant 2000 years later, these thought-provoking messages are meant to encourage and inspire others. This book of reflections and devotions shows the reader that Christ is as real today as He was yesterday and should be in everything that we do. It covers such topics as: • It’s okay to celebrate life. • Navigating the storms of life. • Going through the seasons of life. • Sharing the observances of life. It can help you to answer some questions you have about Christianity, to deepen your understanding of the Word and your faith in Christ, and to help you on your own faith journey. It is helpful for personal devotion, Bible study or small group worship.

Meet Meris Haughton

Meris Haughton is a well-known Jamaican Tax Administrator dubbed The Tax Lady in her profession, but her passion is for Christ. She is a woman of faith who sees God in everything around her. She has always lived her life helping others. She enjoys sharing her experiences to encourage and motivate others through her speaking and writing. Next to her faith, is the love of her family who are proud of their Jamaican heritage. Meris has now taken a leap of faith as a first-time author, as she truly believes that her purpose is to strengthen others through her words and deeds.