One Night on Valentine’s Day: An Instalove Spicy Valentine’s Romance

Sparks fly when Sophie meets Dan on Valentine’s Day. It’s not the kind of night she planned for, but when she feels an instant connection with this handsome stranger, she can’t help but be intrigued. He seems to feel the same and immediately invites her out for a drink. Their drink quickly turns into something more. Something Dan wants to last beyond a one night stand. Despite Sophie’s disbelief in love at first sight, she finds herself wanting more, too. Do people really fall in love this fast? Could this be something more than one exhilarating night? Find out in this passionate, 7k word story perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Meet Thea Masen

Thea Masen never thought she’d write erotic romance. The first time she stumbled upon a spicy romance book, she was so embarrassed she didn’t finish reading it. Now, she’s grateful for the empowerment she’s discovered from both reading and writing steamy romances. She spends her days hiding her computer screen from her teenagers, and her nights reading spicy snippets to her husband. You’ll find interesting sex, emotional depth, and happy endings in all her books. If you want love stories with a touch of the magical and imagined, you’ve come to the right place. Follow her on TikTok @author_thea_masen where she shares updates about her own work and recommendations for books she’s reading.