Awaken Your Magic: Real Life Manifestation Journeys

Embark on a transformative journey with “Awaken Your Magic: Real Life Manifestation Journeys,” an anthology featuring diverse voices sharing their powerful experiences of manifestation. This captivating collection of stories is a testament to the inherent magic within each of us, waiting to be awakened. Delve into the realms of personal growth, resilience, and the extraordinary as you explore the following chapters: Discover the untapped reservoir of potential within yourself. Explore practical and effective techniques for manifesting your desires. Witness stories of triumph over adversity, turning life’s challenges into stepping stones. Find inspiration to navigate your own challenges with resilience and grace. Explore the manifestation of love in various forms—self-love, relationships, and compassion. Understand the role of love in creating a fulfilling and harmonious life. Learn how the contributors manifested richness in experiences, relationships, and personal fulfillment. Marvel at the serendipitous moments that changed lives. Recognize the beauty of synchronicity in the manifestation process. “Awaken Your Magic” is more than a book; it’s a guide to unlocking the extraordinary within yourself. Each chapter is a beacon of inspiration, offering valuable lessons and practical insights. As you navigate the diverse manifestation journeys within these pages, you’ll find the tools to shape your reality and embrace the magic that resides in your own life. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and the realization that you have the power to manifest the life of your dreams. Contents Fulfilling the Thirteen-Year Soulmate Prophecy By Christina Bellevue Divine Flow By Lucille Boettger The Journey of Transformation from Healing to Service By Crystal Camp-Kravtsov Divine Expansion: Part I By April Chambers Divine Expansion: Part II By April Chambers Don’t Let This Happen to You By Stacy Christopher The Game of Life By Becky Cohen Blending With Divinity By Donna Cristal Unleashed Souls: A Spiritual Unveiling Through Canine Connections By Danielle Darowz Manifesting Despite Myself By Karen Gabler Skipping a Step By Sarah Gabler What a Ride! The Journey Continues By Maria Gigliotti Manifesting the Perfect Job: Magical Endings By Lindsay Godfree The Sacred Sparrow Soars By GG Rush The Spiritual Mack Truck By Katherin Elli Grace Ambassadors of Love By Lisa Guess I Didn’t See the Sign at All By Giulia George Manifesting The Love of My Life By Sushma D.A. Hallock Ditch, Dive, and Detach: How to truly live your greatest life By Donna Kiel Heart Tribe By Amy I. King Surrounded by Gold By Amy I. King The Journey to Self-Actualization: Beyond Manifestation By Nadia S. Krauss Overcoming Limits By Nina Kropp The Lovelight Connection By Colleen Lovelight Signposts to Purpose By Joe McMonagle A Curious Invitation By Sally Malik Let Sparks Fly By Janine Nelson An Unexpected Gift By Rosanne Norris Divine Awakening By Sylvie Robert Plant Seeds in Fertile Soil By Bonnie Rosensteel A Sky Full of Stars By Bonnie Salkow I Dare You To TRI By Felicia Shaviri Brighten the Mundane With Magical Miracles By YuSon Shin Crazy Socks with Crocs and Other 50’s Magic By Jeannie Soverns A Line in the Sand By Alicia Sweezer Superpowers are Real By Jacque Tarlton Follow the Signs By Chris Turpyn Awakening By Chantalle Ullett Rising from the Ashes By Wanda Vitale Cutting the Cord By Michelyn Woityra Navigating Manifestation’s Messy Middle By Janet Zavala

Meet Kyra Schaefer

Kyra Schaefer, the Co-Founder and CEO of As You Wish Publishing, a venture established with her husband, Todd Schaefer, has dedicated the past 7 years to empowering individuals to illuminate their unique essence and share their narratives with the world. Leading As You Wish Publishing, Kyra spearheads the publication of collaborative books, available in both print and ebook formats. The diverse array of books produced by As You Wish Publishing, whether authored individually or through collaboration, cover a broad spectrum of topics such as self-discovery, personal journeys, healing, holistic business, therapeutic modalities, coaching, and spirituality. Kyra, alongside her husband, has successfully collaborated with numerous authors, embracing a variety of ages, writing styles, and creative approaches. Beyond her role as a bestselling author, renowned for “Holograms and Echoes: Transform Triggers to Truth,” Kyra Schaefer’s passion extends to creating empowering, joyful, and insightful workshops tailored for small groups. Her expertise also spans certifications in Positive Psychology, Art Therapy, and as a Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistics and Hypnosis. With a rich career spanning two decades, Kyra has positively impacted thousands of clients in her role as an emotional therapy practitioner.