The Event: A Northwoods Story

★★★★★ – “…an extremely enjoyable, could not put down, read!!” It was supposed to be a quiet camping trip. There weren’t supposed to be lights in the sky. Nobody was supposed to go missing. Nobody was supposed to die… The quiet town of Northwoods has a secret. A secret it will kill to keep. When Joe Walker awakens in the hospital, he has no memory of how he got there. But are his bizarre dreams of UFOs and Men in Black just dreams? The only thing he knows for sure is those treating him have something to hide. To find out what, he’ll have to turn his back on everything he holds as true. Joe Walker awakens in hospital to be told he was in a car accident, but the doctor’s explanation leaves Joe dubious. Worse than that, his best friend Alex is dead. When two government agents turn up asking him questions, he starts to suspect a cover-up. Upon his release he revisits the strange town of Northwoods, trying to piece together his fractured dreams and memories, trying to find out the answer to one simple question: What happened to Alex? The problem for Joe is, he may not like the answer. “Suspenseful, nail biting, had me on the edge of my seat!”

Meet Marc Shako

MARC W. SHAKO is a horror/thriller novelist, screenwriter, and aficionado of all things paranormal, from Yorkshire, England. When not reading or writing about the undead, hauntings, modern-day wolf-men and UFOs in his blog, “Tall Tales: A Blog of the Unexpected”, Marc can be found watching football, playing the guitar with various degrees of success, or engrossed in his latest addiction – binge-listening to podcasts. Follow Marc online: Website: Facebook: Twitter/X: