Mail Order Bride: The Bride’s Rival

From your Favorite Amazon Best Selling Author Faith Johnson..comes this wonderful Winter Mail Order Bride Story… After the sudden death of her father and the disappearance of her mother, Valerie Collins is left with nowhere to turn. So, with the homeless and starvation waiting around the corner, Valerie takes a desperate step and answers an ad to become a mail-order bride to Cash Kingston. He is a rancher, and she thinks maybe the open skies can help cure her of her grief. To Valerie’s relief, Cash is a kind and generous man, and she immediately begins to feel at home on his ranch. She believes she has finally found happiness—so why does Wanda, the local shop girl, bring up such feelings of jealousy in her? Is it possible that Cash could want to marry Wanda more than her? And when Wanda tells Cash a terrible lie—whom will he decide to believe?

Meet Faith Johnson

I love writing beautiful Clean Christian Romantic fiction that Celebrates God, Strong Women who find their Love and Faith. I love being the ‘storyteller’ in the family and so love clean romance. I believe Love and Romance celebrates and honors God and want to create such inspiring stories that can help my readers touch base both with their romantic side as also with their faith in Christ. I love writing generally Christian Western Romances with a Mail Order Bride theme. I strive to create stories and characters who are strong women with great morals and have a adventurous spirit that elevates the life’s of others and keep my readers on their edge as well! Hold on tight, the next adventure is right around the corner! YOUR FREE GIFT AWAITS HERE :