GOLDEN HEARTS Finding Love, Connection and Friendship in Your Senior Years

Making meaningful connections becomes so important as we enter our senior years. Whether it’s finding a romantic partner or forming close friendships, human bonds keep us going. That’s what we’ll explore in GOLDEN HEARTS. In the book, I talk honestly about putting yourself out there for senior dating. I get it, it can be scary and daunting! But with some practical tips on crafting an online profile, having engaging video dates, and learning to communicate your needs, you can navigate dating with confidence. Finding romance is amazing, but don’t underestimate the power of platonic relationships either! I share my best advice on reconnecting with old friends, making new ones around shared interests, and the importance of companionship as we age. Your golden girlfriends will enrich your life in incredible ways. Before building any relationship, you’ve got to start with you. GOLDEN HEARTS guides you through exercises to rediscover yourself, build self-confidence, embrace where you’re at now, and get clear on your relationship goals. That self-knowledge is so valuable. Nurturing a budding romance? I offer tips to help you prepare for those first dates, keep the conversation flowing, assess compatibility, understand each other’s needs, and talk to family. Mature relationships have unique challenges, but good communication is key. Friendships require care too. I suggest fun ways to bond through activities, as well as carving out quality time to nurture those precious platonic connections. Companionship means so much, especially in our golden years. Filled with advice from the heart, GOLDEN HEARTS celebrates the diverse tapestry of human connection at this stage of life. I hope it empowers you to explore all relationship possibilities, romantic and non-romantic, and forge bonds that provide meaning. With insights on self-discovery, communication, and nurturing relationships, this book is your guide to authentic connections. Here are the chapters and sub-sections we will explore in this book. 1. Embracing the Journey • The Changing Landscape of Dating • The Fundamentals of Human Connection • Authenticity in Senior Dating • Overcoming Age-related Dating Barriers • The Importance of Community in Dating • Setting Dating Intentions 2. Rediscovering Yourself • The Power of Self-reflection • Building Confidence in the Senior Dating Scene • Learning from Past Relationships • Embracing Your Current Life Stage 3. Technology and Senior Dating • The Rise of Online Dating Platforms • Tips for Creating an Online Dating Profile • Tips for Video Dates and Phone Calls • Staying Safe Online: Precautions, Red Flags, and Scams 4. Meeting Places: Online and Offline Hotspots for Seniors • Online Platforms • Meeting in Virtual Reality • Offline Opportunities 5. The First Date and Beyond • Preparing for the First Date • Communication: Key to a Successful Date • Conversation Starters: Breaking the Ice and Keeping the Spark • Assessing Compatibility 6. Building a Lasting Connection • From Casual Dating to a Serious Relationship • Understanding Emotional Needs • Navigating Challenges Together 7. Beyond Just Two: Integrating Families and Friends • Blending of Families • Combining Social Circles • Addressing Concerns and Reservations of Loved Ones 8. The Rich Tapestry of Non-Romantic Relationships • Friendship in the Golden Years • Familiar Bonds • Connecting with Peers • The Importance of Companionship 9. Boundaries in Senior Dating • Understanding the Importance of Boundaries • Types of Boundaries • Communicating Your Boundaries Effectively • Recognizing and Respecting Others’ Boundaries

Meet Aubrey Styles

Aubrey Styles is an author who wrote the book Golden Hearts: Finding Love, Connection and Friendship in Your Senior Years out of loving concern for Aubrey’s aging mother. Aubrey’s mother became increasingly isolated and lonely as she got older. Aubrey wanted to provide hope, encouragement and practical guidance to seniors seeking to enrich their lives through meaningful relationships. After caring for Aubrey’s widowed mother and witnessing her struggle to forge social connections later in life, Aubrey was inspired to empower others navigating the same challenges. Aubrey delved into extensive research on senior dating, friendship, family ties and living life to the fullest in our golden years. The resulting book, Golden Hearts, reflects Aubrey’s compassionate desire for older adults to embrace love’s possibilities, cultivate intimacy and join communities that reduce isolation. Aubrey’s words aim to inspire seniors to rediscover relationships and passions that give their days joy and purpose.