Go Forward: Your Personal Guide to Move From Stuck to Abundance

Achieving a more satisfying, fulfilling, and abundant life is possible! • Do you desire more out of life but are not sure how to do this? • Have you achieved a measure of success but find you are stuck in some area of your life? • Do you need help to move forward from where you are to a better place? GO FORWARD: YOUR PERSONAL GUIDE TO MOVE FROM STUCK TO ABUNDANCE offers inspiration and direction to help you take necessary actions to move from a place of worry, lack, bewilderment, inadequacy, and less than optimal psychological health to a place of peace, greater achievement, fulfillment, and overall wellbeing. You will find practical guidance to help you answer key questions to unearth what it means to move forward. It’s one thing to have a desire, it’s another thing to achieve that desire. GO FORWARD provides insight into internal and external factors that make achieving desired growth and improvement possible in work and career, relationships, spirituality, health and any other area where personal growth is desired. Yes, you can overcome that inertia and GO FORWARD.

Meet Keshawna Salmon-Ferguson

Keshawna Salmon-Ferguson is committed to adding value to others through God-inspired words and actions. A sought-after education consultant, counsellor, trainer, speaker, and coach who helps individuals and teams to function optimally as they are inspired to take meaningful action that leads to greater health, success, and significance in various areas of their lives. With training and more than 20 years’ experience working with adolescents and adults in education and counselling practice, she has developed competence in propelling people forward as she meets them at the point of their needs. Dr. Salmon-Ferguson’s impact and reach are international, working with persons across various regions and continents. She has been credited with facilitating transformation in individuals, teams, families, churches, and various groups through her writing, teaching, counselling, captivating presentations, and workshop sessions.