Breakthrough – Live an Inspired Life, Overcome your Obstacles

| June 3, 2014


Breakthrough - Live an Inspired Life, Overcome your Obstacles and Accomplish your Dreams (Inspirational Books Series)

Learn How to Make a Breakthrough in Any Area of your Life Today

Are you tired of making promises to yourself that you just can’t keep? Sick of saying you want a better job, more money, a better relationship, to lose weight, or just about anything else, but not following through and achieving those goals?

Well, you’re not alone. According to a 2014 University of Scranton Study, only 8% of us who set out to achieve our long-term goals, actually do so. When a goal is new and fresh in our minds, it’s exciting. But, when it comes down to it, after that initial excitement wears off, we fail to make the sacrifices required for achieving our long-term hopes and dreams.

So what gives?

Understand How to End this Ceaseless Cycle with a Breakthrough

A breakthrough is described as a sudden advance, or a person’s first notable success in some area of their lives. From finances, to health, relationships, and beyond, learn just what it takes to make your own personal or professional breakthroughs today.

Making a breakthrough isn’t hard, but without first understanding some guiding principles and techniques, we can all be a little bit lost in the dark. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this book, you’ll learn just what the 8% that do achieve their long-term goals know.

Download Today: Breakthrough – Live an Inspired Life, Overcome your Obstacles, and Accomplish your Dreams

Understand how to end the cycle of giving up, and stop putting off the life you truly deserve to live. You can make a breakthrough today if you apply some proven techniques to your life.

Here’s What You’ll Discover in this Book

    • How to Understand and Overcome your Fear of Failure


  • How to Handle Criticism and Focus on Growth & Contribution



  • How to Identify your Core Values and Ensure they’re Aligned with your Goals



  • How to Find your Inspiration and Stay Inspired During the Plateaus



  • How to Get & Stay Focused without Losing your Motivation



  • How to Stop Procrastination Dead in its Tracks



  • How to Overcome Obstacles by Defining their Root Causes



  • How to Take Action and Make a Breakthrough in Any Area



  • And more…



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