Just Look At My Cat: A Heartwarming Story About a Little Girl and a Cute Kitten Named Bella [Level 2 Reading Book for Children Ages 5-7]

“Little Skylar loves her pet cat Bella, and Skylar wants everyone to look at her cute cat. But some people just don’t see how amazing cats are. Skylar thinks that’s because most people don’t know how adorable kittens can be. So, Skylar goes on a quest to make the world see how beautiful Bella is.” Just Look at My Cat is a beautifully illustrated cat book for kids and cat lovers of all ages! Skylar is more than just a great cat owner. Her cuddly, purring kitty Bella is also her best friend! Now, she’s going to show off Bella to everyone she loves to show them why Bella is so perfect! She shows Mom, Dad, and her friends her favorite things about Bella. She even shows Grandpa her amazing smelling superpower! Everyone agrees that she is cute, intelligent, and caring. Just Look at My Cat is a delightful bedtime story that also teaches elementary school kids and kindergarten children beginner reading skills, vocabulary, and sight words, along with valuable life lessons about the responsibility of caring for pets and the joys of loving a cat! What’s your favorite thing about your own cat?

Meet Robin O’Shaughnessy

Robin is the loving cat mom of Murder Floof, an incredibly photogenic calico with a talent for hissing that could win gold in the Olympic Games. Even though she hails from Iowa, Robin ventured all the way to San Marcos, Texas for college. She later embarked on a remarkable 10-year adventure in Dubai before finding her way back to Austin, Texas, where she happily resides today. During her leisure time, Robin takes pleasure in soaring a 3-meter training kite on the beach. She also enjoys curling up with her rescue cat to watch entertaining YouTube videos. And, of course, she can’t resist bombarding her family and friends with an endless stream of photos showcasing the adorable Murder Floof. Robin’s very first book, Just Look At My Cat, is a heartfelt ode to cats everywhere, captivating young readers who can’t resist staring—or even pointing—at these magnificent creatures.