The Desk & Mountain Escape: Two Clean Romances

THE DESK: When Rachelle Jackson and her brother prepare their father’s house for sale, they discover an old letter stuck in the back of a desk drawer. The letter takes Rachelle on a search that will lead her to all kinds of discoveries, including meeting a man who might change her life. A grown up fairy-tale story of mystical, magical happenings. MOUNTAIN ESCAPE: She planned her escape perfectly. She would hike far into the mountains and disappear, somewhere where her abusive boyfriend would never find her. Of course, that was before a late spring snowstorm in the mountains came up out of nowhere and threatened her life. Then a strange man rescues her. As time passes, Kathryn comes to the realization that all is not as it should be in this place where she finds herself. Eventually, she discovers she is no longer in the 21st century. This is a story of a love that transcends time.

Meet C.M. Morgan

C. M. Morgan is the pseudonym of an author popular in another genre. His stories are paranormal romances–without all the gratuitous sex scenes found in so many others. Just good, clean enjoyable reading!