The Sea Dogs: An Action & Adventure Novel

You have been called upon to serve.

It is 1975. Clay is among a dozen orphaned children, selected by the British Government, for a clandestine program to craft the best spies in the world. This is the secret “Sea Dogs” program, inspired by the historic Elizabethan Sea Dogs, who were the Queen’s pirates that waged unconventional war against Her Majesty’s enemies.

All the children have been orphaned at the hands of Britain’s global enemies of Communism and terrorism. The children are brought to train and live on the self-sufficient land of Castle Omega in the Scottish Highlands. They are tutored by WWII hero, Commander James Hammond, of British Naval Intelligence. And by his wife, Evie, who investigated murders, crimes, and espionage for Scotland Yard.

Physics, wilderness survival, war games, and underwater demolition—are among the many skills the children learn at Castle Omega. But above all, they are taught to kill the enemy. The children discover their purpose of exacting revenge against Britain’s enemies to avenge their parents. In their years of sequestered training, the orphaned children come to see their adult tutors as their new parents, and together they form the family they all wish they still had.

The Sea Dogs is just the beginning of Clay’s lifelong mission for Queen, God, & Country. Welcome to Castle Omega. By joining the Sea Dogs program, you hereby swear your life to secrecy. If you are ever compromised or risk the secrecy of the mission—then you shall be sent to Davey Jones’ Locker. And be buried at sea.

“I shall die a happy death—knowing my secrets die with me.”