Seven Treasures: Love, War, Art and Mystery in the South of France


Love, War, Art and Mystery in the South of France

A present-day art mystery and WW2 thriller of betrayal, terror and redemption.

For readers of Kate Morton, Kristin Harmel, Denvin Murphy and Jillian Cantor

French village Villemont has a secret. Divorced, unemployed and drunk, Sydneysider Mark buys a house sight unseen in its ancient centre, hoping to find meaning and even love again. Once in France, he takes bric-a-brac from the attic to the village market where he sells it all cheaply. Unbeknownst to him, amongst it are seven filth-encrusted priceless treasures once destined for Hermann Goering.

Newfound love, Monique helps Mark restore one small unsold painting. When they begin to suspect it is a 16th-century Dutch master, they go in search of its provenance and are horrified by what they find.

Interspersed, Seven Treasures tells the 1941 story of Josef, an anti-fascist art student drafted against his will into Goering’s art-looting unit in Paris. Forced to participate in violent raids, he eventually goes rogue when he helps a young Jewish woman escape with her family’s most cherished painting. This sets in play a series of events that, eighty years later, will release Mark’s adopted French village from its guilt-ridden past and deliver it to redemption.

“Dual time-lines are difficult to bring off successfully but here the author has managed it well, ensuring that the main characters from both eras remain vividly in our minds as the linked art theft is slowly unveiled and the reasons for the villagers’ silence.” Reedsy Discovery

“An emotionally compelling story of courage, cowardice, and the long tail of history” Indie Reader

“Thrilling and empathetic, inspiring and heart-breaking” Lauren Finger. Senior Editor Allen & Unwin