Everna Saga: The Jade Dragon: An Epic and Adventure Fantasy Novel (Everna Saga: Fireheart Legacy Book 4)

The tempest of chaos has yet to abate, its fury only escalating.

The Dark Forces relentlessly presses forth,
unveiling fresh stratagems in pursuit of their grand design.

Causing the tumult during the five trials of the Arsenal of Light,
they strike at the heart of the capital during the imperial nuptials.
Sowing discord, they pit heroes against each other in strife.
And ultimately, they assail and devour nation after nation.

Under the Dark Forces’ relentless invasion
and the seemingly hopeless and impossible situation,
The flicker of hope for the Forces of Light rests solely
upon Vadis, the dragons, and swift-winged allies.

Stand forth, Paladins! Hope yet endures!

“Beware! Each page shall whisk you away
on adventures beyond the realm of imagination.
Do not read this story! Unless you are a true adventurer.”
– Truly Rudiono, Indonesian Book Blogger

“Savor the intricacies of the tale in this land of adventure!”
– Putu Felisia, Author and Book Aficionado

Everna Saga: Fireheart Legacy is an epic fantasy serial set in the complete, detailed Earth parallel world of Terra Everna and part of the Everna Saga brand created by Andry Chang.

It’s highly recommended for young adults and adult readers who love:
– Novels are written in a unique, cinematic way.
– Lively and likable characters, strong protagonists.
– The parallel world setting is like the Medieval Era on Earth.
– Detailed and immersive world-building and history.
– Earth-based religion blended with fantasy world philosophy.
– A pinch of mild romance here and there.
– Inspirational moral values and heartwarming moments.
– Fictional cultures and geography parallel to Earth.
– Recognizable, easy-to-imagine Earth-like details.
– Some characters will show up in other Everna Saga stories.
– Detailed actions with wuxia martial art style fights.