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| June 4, 2014


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This is a not your typical book on time management. You have just 24 hours a day of which 6 to 8 hours you are sleeping. If you manage the hours you are awake wisely you can accomplish a lot! If you don’t….time can be your enemy causing incredible stress on your mental health, your physical body and your emotional wellbeing. Poor time management causes a huge amount of stress. Shawn Chhabra has provided a fabulous resource with this book that can make you a time management expert….super fast!

Though it is an easy read it addresses and solves big problems that keep people from maximizing their achievement and peace of mind and even their health. Shawn gives simple, easy to understand advice that can be life changing! He has proven that time management and stress reduction go hand in hand.

This book is full of amazing, innovative insights and brilliant wisdom that impact lives, health, success and happiness. As a savvy businessman Shawn brings a wealth of experience, tools, stories and strategies to ensure that you do not keep running out of time or use it poorly causing unnecessary stress and major frustration.

With the wisdom in this book you will be able to master the waking hours in your life and live a more productive and happy life.

As an internationally recognized success expert I can say that Shawn has done a great job in explaining how to take control of your life by mastering the hours in your day! Carve out the time to read it right away. You will be glad you did!

Jack M. Zufelt, Mentor To Millions”, Author of the #1 best-selling book,

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We’ve all heard that time is the one thing in life you can never get back. If you want to be “rich” in time, you’ve got to manage it very carefully, and it can be difficult to know where to start. Well, that’s no longer difficult. Start RIGHT HERE with Shawn Chhabra’s Time Management. You’ll be glad you did!

— Nick Nanton, Esq.

3-Time Emmy® Award Winning Director & Producer

Best-Selling Author


Time management: It’s Time To Take Control of Your Time and Your Life and Learn How To Do That!

Do you feel like you are not in control of your life? Do you struggle to figure out how to get everything done in a day? Are you worried that you can’t stay organized or stay ahead of the game? If you want to take your life back and truly enjoy the time that you have, then the “Time Management” book is for you!

The “Time Management” is a book that shows you what it really means to stay in control of your life. Though you may feel bogged down by commitments and a lack of time to complete them all, sometimes it’s simply a matter of staying organized. This book, written by Shawn Chhabra, can be an excellent tool in helping you to do just that.

It’s Time To Take Control of Your Time and Your Life and Learn How To Do That

So many of us struggle with managing our commitments and understanding what our time is worth, and now it’s time to get the answers. You will see through this book not only how to budget your time properly, but also how to prioritize each and every task so that you can manage your day accordingly. It doesn’t matter what your specific time management issues are or how unorganized that you may feel, for this book can help you to pull it all together.

If you want to be in control of your life and manage the various elements, this book can provide just the insight that you’ve been looking for. You will learn about helpful apps or new technology that can ensure you stay ahead of the game. Sometimes finding the right method of organizing your day and managing your tasks is all it takes.

You will see what you have likely been doing wrong, and how to turn that behavior around into a positive. You will learn some of the best time life management skills and how to truly get o


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