| June 4, 2014



Jacqueline Bloom needs a miracle to save her family’s legacy. Who knew life could get worse? Add an obsession over a man in a black and white photo who died in the Korean War with a set of pilot wings given to her by a ghost and her day takes a nosedive. Sometimes though, miracles happen in the strangest places. You sneeze during one earthquake and all of a sudden the year is 1953 and you’re mistaken for a car thief.

Captain Hunter Erickson is captivated with the woman whom he thinks stole his car. The more time Hunter spends in the company of Jackie, after an accident that almost costs him his sight and his pilot wings, his curiosity increases and his libido knocks into overdrive. Only, he didn’t count on Jackie being from the future, changing his attitude toward marriage or altering his destiny.

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