Master of the Meet Cute (Love in New York City Book 1)

He knows everything about love…

Or not.

I know damn well nothing about love, and guess who just drew romantic comedy for his directorial assignment? Well, he’s got two thumbs and they are pointing waaaay down.

But this final is the last before I earn that coveted degree and set myself in a real director’s seat. With my grant money burning a hole in my pocket, I’m determined to get the highest of praises from my professor… even if I have to write and direct a damn romantic comedy.

Getting love right is going to kill me, especially while testing out my research on the cute new freshman who stumbled her way into the class. Not sure if I’m hitting all the beats, eliciting all the… uh… feels? But with Liz, I’m starting to wonder what’s research and what’s me falling absolutely flat on my face in real, Titanic-style love.