The First Kingdom of Men

After escaping from their cruel and violent horde, Adam and Eve discovered Eden, an unclaimed land in the middle of the wilderness far away from the known world, fortified by tall mountains and impenetrable forest. Adam would do anything to keep the rest of the world out of Eden and he raised his children in the bliss of Eden. However, when Cain, Adam’s oldest son came of age, he began to wonder about the outside world and it becomes his dream to invite the good people of the outside world into Eden and create a utopia of men. Cain’s dream causes conflict between him and his father Adam as the rest of the family takes sides and they must decide whether to allow the outsiders into Eden or not.

Meet Iloba Nkemnacho

Born in Benin City, Nigeria, Iloba Nkemnacho attended the University of Benin and studied History and International Studies and Diplomacy. Iloba had a deep love for story telling and it was his dream to be a screenwriter in Hollywood but after several failed attempts to get representation, he decided to convert his screenplays to novel. Releasing his first three Novels on Amazon KDP