Bhraman: (The Way to Destination)

What a small word ‘travel’ is! But, if we look closely, this small word reveals a big meaning.
Every living being ‘travels’. Either they may be an animal or a human being. How does they decide their journey? Who does they meet on the way? How does that creature start its journey from one point and reach its destination? How does one adopt different routes?
We will try to find answers to all these questions through this book. I hope that through this book you become able to discover your own journey.
I will try my best to make you understand your journey. So may all of you have a happy journey.
Presently let us discuss how the course of the ‘tour’ begins. As we have frequently heard an individual comes through ’84 lakh’ births. Only then does he/she attain the rare form of a human being? For that reason, the human birth has been called uncommon. Since this is the world wherein we get opportunities. There are many kinds of chances. For instance, I might want to advise you about the potential chance to take care of business.
There is such a lot of force in this name, this word itself, “Yuva.” This is the connection that associates both youth and advanced age. The stage that comes after this is advanced age. We think about the age following 65 years as advanced age. Well, I think that as long as man is dependent on himself, he can take care of himself, he is young. When a person becomes dependent on others, we can call it old age.
If we feel far better in the wake of meeting an individual, we will need to meet them in the future. Imagine a scenario in which you feel terrible! Then you let me know who might be such an individual in this world who might need to meet somebody again regardless of whether they feels terrible in the wake of meeting somebody interestingly. The primary viewpoint is the good or gloomy inclination that we feel when we meet an individual interestingly.
when we examine the further arrangement, the succession of direction comes. That is the point at which we like an individual’s character. Then at that point, we see his direction. Under guidance, our consideration goes to his giggling, talking, strolling, the way of everything, the pleasantness of their voice, and their way of behaving. We are interested to know everything about that individual. So then, at that point, our advantage in that individual beginnings expanding.
Here I might want to make sense of for you, as a visual cue, an occurrence from his life; how Maharana Pratap saw a little bug battling for its life in the timberland. In the wake of watching out for it for quite a while, I saw that as subsequent to attempting to climb the wall a few times and falling, the bug at long last prevailed with regards to arriving at the upper piece of the wall. Accordingly, they took motivation from their achievement, and in spite of being crushed ordinarily by their adversaries, they at long last prevailed upon them.
Man can take motivation in two ways. One is to be impacted by somebody’s characteristics, endeavour to resemble that individual, and accomplish significance by putting forth attempts. Second, to accomplish significance by understanding somebody’s awful characteristics and safeguarding oneself from getting impacted by them.
Try not to be precisely similar to them. Assuming that you do this, you will lose your own reality. You don’t need to lose yourself in that frame of mind of life. However, we need to track down ourselves. The principal point of life’s process is to find one’s presence, and it ought to be so.
Comparison is a destructive infection, which befuddles us about our life process and the objective of life and pushes us towards such haziness. Any place there will be, there is just obscurity. “Where there is light, there is life. Where there is life, there is light”. That implies both can’t be isolated from one another. Assuming trees and plants are denied of light, they additionally begin wilting.