Colorado Secrets: A Sweet Contemporary Western Romance (Majestic Mountain Ranch Romance Series Book 2)

What if you had many life changing events happen to you, but then you discover the biggest of them all will drastically change your life and any plans for your future? Stephanie Collingsworth has made the decision to pack up her apartment in Denver and move back to her family ranch in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, one of the many life-changing decisions that has happened to her. Over the next few weeks, she not only agrees to be the housekeeping and decorator of the ranch’s new buildings, but she also experiences health problems that could change her entire life. As she struggles to adapt to all the changes in her life, she starts to get to know Bridger, the man who her brother hires to be over all the construction on the ranch. Bridger immediately lets her know he wants to be part of her life, but can Stephanie allow herself to fall in love, especially when she receives bad news about her health? If you enjoy Western Romances, you’ll love this series! BOOKS IN THIS SERIES: Book 1: COLORADO DREAMS Book 2: COLORADO SECRETS Book 3: COLORADO DESTINY Book 4: COLORADO DAWN Book 5: COLORADO SKIES Book 6: COLORADO PROMISE Book 7: COLORADO CHRISTMAS

Meet Zoe Matthews

Zoe started writing as a young teenager and has kept that passion alive throughout her life. At any one time she can be found relaxing and devouring a good western romance novel or gathering information for one of her own future books. She loves living in the high mountain deserts of the western United States. Her hobbies include photographing desert landscapes and her adorable grandchildren as well as dabbling in watercolors. Her perfect summer days would be spent up at the family cabin writing, painting, hiking and associating with family. Website: