She was more than just an itch to scratch. More than a quick fix, she was comfort and safety. A place my head and heart rested free of judgment when the rest of the world made it clear that I was undeserving.

Saint Miller just might be one of the loneliest men alive. With a late diagnosis of autism, he’s fought the entire world around him, retreating into his shell of a home on Paramour Beach. Intersecting with Victoria Jacob, his view of life and the people in it shifts. Can he overcome his fear of love to propel his budding romance into something deeper? Victoria and Saint navigate the world together through the eyes of a high-functioning autistic man and his fiery wife who’d set fire to rain if it meant ensuring his comfort.

Note: this is an arranged marriage trope. If this is not something of interest to you, please check out some of my other works.

Slow burn
He falls first
Arranged marriage
Billionaire Romance
Disability trope