The Science of Energy (Bargain Read)

“An excellent and engaging overview of milestones and key discoveries in science… The author effectively tees up his compelling metaphysical premise, that ‘conscious experience is not spooky or mysterious. It is part of the natural order.’” Kirkus Reviews

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ —San Francisco Book Review

Exploring the profound connections between subjective experience and the universal order.

Discover a groundbreaking exploration at the crossroads of science and metaphysics. Accessible to scholars and general readers alike, Sattari’s lucid prose invites readers on a journey where ancient wisdom and modern rationalism meet to reveal the intricate fabric of reality.

In this volume, Sattari presents a profound metaphysical system—a unifying framework for integrating conscious experience with the material world. The book traces humanity’s evolving concept of reality, from early worship of deities believed to maintain order, through the Scientific Revolution, and the development of modern science. Discussing topics from quantum mechanics and relativity theory to the basics of biology and neuroscience, it unravels the complex interplay between our subjective experiences and the physical world. Beyond theoretical discussion, it emphasizes the practical implications of our understanding, providing a guide to our place in the cosmos and a pathway to peace in the human experience.

Some highlights include:

  • Insights into the relationship between subjective experience and the natural order
  • Exploration of consciousness’s impact on physical and biological systems
  • Discussion of the contrasts and unity between living and nonliving entities
  • Examination of the evolution of consciousness in nature
  • Thought-provoking discussions on the nature and purpose of consciousness in the cosmos

“The Science of Energy” is an exploration of the whole order of reality, uncovering a basic duality at the heart of our universe. By treating reality as a singular entity, it avoids the trap of specialization prevalent in many academic circles, revealing important interconnections between various disciplines. This has led to the development of a new philosophical approach called “Ontology Metaphysics.” Embark on this exciting adventure that will arm you with the tools you need to deal with some of life’s most challenging questions and leave your perception of reality (and therefore your life!) transformed.

Meet Payman Sattari

Payman Sattari stands at the forefront of metaphysical and scientific exploration, offering deep insights into the nature of reality. In his debut “The Science of Energy” he draws on a decade of dedicated research to offer a visionary perspective on the universe’s dual nature, inviting readers to explore the profound connection between our inner experiences and the natural world.