Dog Books For Kids: Play The Puppies Game

| June 8, 2014


Dog Books For Kids: Play The Puppies Game

Dog Books For Kids: Play The Puppies Game is the latest interactive puppy book written by The Animal Detective.

Calling all kids and parents too! Do you want to see some pictures of the cutest puppies out there? Do you think you know lots about dogs, especially puppies, or if not, would you like to know more? Do you love to play games?

Well if you answered “yes” to at least 2 of the 3 questions, then I have a hot new Kindle book that you are going to just LOVE!

I am excited to introduce you to my newest interactive Kindle quiz book called, “Dog Books for Kids: Play the Puppies Game”. If you already own my book, “Shark Books for Kids: Play the Shark Game”, you will be familiar with how my books work. If not then let me explain how these kind of dog books for children work.

To start the quiz game, you will be presented with a series of clues about a type or breed of dog. Next you will be shown a series of really CUTE pictures of puppies. Your job will be to correctly guess which one of the puppies shown belongs to the breed of dog talked about in the clues. Now I have to warn you, some of these cute dog puppies may not look like their parents yet, depending on when the picture was taken. So you may to take some wild guesses, but who cares! It is just a game and even if wrong I will allow you to keep guessing until you get the correct puppy breed. Once you are successful, you will be taken to a new page with “5 Puppy Facts” about this dog breed. So not only are you playing a game but at the same time you are learning about different breeds of dogs. Now how cool is that?

Once you “Play the Puppies Game” a few times you will begin to remember even some of the harder dog breeds to identify and then it is time to challenge your friends, brother or sister, or even mom and dad! See who can go through this dog book for kids and correctly identify each puppy with the fewest number of guesses. There are 30 breeds of dogs in this book, which means that 30 guesses would be a perfect score.

Here is a list of some of the dog types that you will encounter in this book. Some you may already know about or perhaps you even own this breed of dog. Other types of dogs you may have never even heard of before which makes it even more challenging.

• Havanese

• Pug

• Bulldog

• Coton De Tulear

• German Shepherd

• Cocker Spaniel

• Beagle

• Neapolitan Mastiff

• Boxer

• Shih Tzu

And still 20 more breed of dogs to go!

So kids (and puppy-loving parents too), if you are into puppy books, and up to taking the “puppy challenge”, then check out this fun new Kindle book NOW!

* Book recommended for ages 9-12 or early teens, however younger readers will still enjoy looking at the puppy pictures but may need some adult help reading and discussing the text to play the game.


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