Tightrope (Southhill Sagas)

| June 8, 2014


Tightrope (Southhill Sagas)

Lizzie is not what one might think of as a typical vicar’s wife. She doesn’t sing in the choir, help with cake sales or the Sunday School. She doesn’t get involved in the parish life at all but holds down a senior position at a major bank.

Jacob and Lizzie have a good marriage, not exciting, but then few marriages are after twenty seven years. When Lizzie is selected to represent her branch at a banking conference up north she expects it to be interesting at best. What she doesn’t expect is to fall in love.

She describes her life as having been lived in black and white thus far and now she can see colour. But how can she grab her own happiness at the expense of others? How can she destroy her family for her own pleasure? But if she throws away this opportunity it will almost certainly never come again.

This is the second of the Southhill Sagas set in leafy Surrey to the south of London.

In the first one, Pieces of a Puzzle, Alison is preparing supper when her husband Mark disappears, without a word and without a trace. She hears no news for seventeen years then needs to piece together what has happened in order to get on with her life.

In the third, But a Dream, Mags has a very frightening repetitive dream dating from shortly after her heart transplant. Then the dream moves on and she finds herself not only an eye-witness to a murder, but also the victim.

In the fourth, Fisherman’s Dream, Martin’s dream of running his own business sharing his love of fishing, is shattered by a lorry on the motorway. His wife Cilla has to go on, Cilla and the business Martin so loved.


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